Contest Ended August  31st, 2014 - Call 928-369-7669 for more info.


$600  2ND: $300 AND 3RD: $100

Winners will be notified this week (9-2 thru 9-4).

Some of our Coldwter Classic Winners

Ivan Wolfe

Age: 32

5.4 Lbs.

 18 inches

Sunrise Lake

With Worms

Week 7

1st place winner

Ron Wolfe

Age: 62

4.8 lbs.

18 inches

Sunrise Lake

with Worms

Week 7

2nd place winner.

Preston Declay     Age 5

3.66 lbs.

20 inches


Caught with Powerbait

Sunrise Lake

Week 5

1st place winner.

Welcome to Hon-Dah Outdoor Sports. We are your information center for outdoor recreation on the White Mountain Apache Reservation.


   Our friendly, knowledgeable staff can answer any questions about the surrounding Apache Reservation lands, including fishing, hiking, hunting and, in the winter, skiing and snowboarding. Not only does the store carry all the equipment you need for a memorable experience in the outdoors, but the staff are local fishermen, hunters as well as skiers and snowboarders themselves.


   We are now located in the old Fatco Home Center buildings just inside the reservation line. This new location gives us more room to offer you what you need to enjoy your time in the White Mountains.

Give us a call!

Phone: (928) 369-7669      or      (877) 226-4868

            (928) 369-SNOW            (877) CAN-HUNT



Fax: (928) 369-7668


Hon-Dah Ski and Outdoor Sport

787 HWY 260

Pinetop, Az. 85935

Erwie Dora

2.24 lbs 18.5 inches

5/15/14 @Sunrise Lake

Wooley worm

Week 2-2nd place

Gary Hill

2.6 lbs.  18.5 inches.

5/21/14 @Horseshoe

Green powerbait

Week 3-1st place winner

Lee Moore Jr.

2.3 lbs.  18.2 inches


Reservation Lake

Caught with White Power Bait

Week 3 - 2nd place winner

Quadray Amos

3.38 lbs 19 inches

Horseshoe Lake


Week 4-2nd place winner

Martha Baha Alchesay

4.92 lbs. 19 1/4 inches


Hawley Lake

Caught w/McNary Nightcrawler

Week 4 1st place winner

Benjamin Shepherd

14 yrs.

10.5 lbs 28 inches.

Reservation Lake


Week 4 1st place

kids winner

Congratulations to all of our winners!

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