When I was a young boy my father told me a simple truth of our people. Things will change. The world will change. But our principles must not. That is why when we have a valuable resource, we learn to use it wisely. We protect it for future generations. And we share with others to help solve problems. Not because there is a law, but


EDUCATION: Over $386 Million*
Arizona School Districts receive 56% of the revenue deposited in the Arizona Benefits Fund dedicated to teacher compensation, reducing class size, dropout prevention, and improved instruction. TRAUMA & ER: Over $193 Million*
Hospitals and trauma centers throughout the state receive 28% of the revenue deposited in the Arizona Benefits Fund each year to reimburse hospitals for uncovered trauma and emergency services. TOURISM: Over $55 Million*
The tourism industry in Arizona is benefiting because revenue is given to the Arizona Office of Tourism which supports this statewide industry. Over the past decade, AOT has received more than
$55,251,858 to promote the State of Arizona and this vital industry. TRIBAL SELF-RELIANCE: Tribal members benefit directly as their governments are moving to achieve self-reliance. With improved economics, Tribes are supporting their students, schools, hospitals and social service programs, while building much needed infrastructure like sewer and water systems, roads and communication networks. CONSERVATION: Over $55 Million*
The Arizona Wildlife and Conservation Fund administered by Arizona Game & Fish, supports conservation projects that conserve wildlife, and restore native landscapes.
*Cumulative shared revenues from Tribal Gaming member tribes since 2002.